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Gnut Studios is an agency founded by two Italian professionals, who specialized in the creation of visual multimedia content.


Born and raised in Italy, they have “Made in Italy” as a hallmark, a passion for style and good food, always up to date with new technologies and constantly looking for new ways to communicate creatively.


Brighton has enriched this visual background with influences of various genres and with international temper



Videogapher / Video Editor

Master degree in Digital Art at "La Sapienza" University, Rome.

Gnut Studios is the only video production agency specialising in food videos in Brighton. With a team of highly qualified and passionate professionals, Gnut Studios offers a unique and exceptional experience in creating high-quality food videos.


Inspired by Italian culture and cuisine, Gnut Studios stands out for its ability to capture the beauty and passion of cooking through the use of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled artistic sensitivity. Their expertise and passion for videography, make Gnut Studios the ideal choice for anyone seeking to promote their food-related business or product through high-quality videos.



Photographer / Videographer

GSCE in Visual Arts - Diploma in Professional Photography

Level 1 in digital Content creation - Level 1 in Videography

Behind Our Scenes.
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